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To our English-speaking collegues:

Click here to view a brief (3 minute) video demontration on how the Pharmacology portal works, and click here to read more about the project and our future plans.

We encourage our collegues in other countries to join in on The Pharmacology Portal project, and present your analysis repertoire in the web page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about how this can be accomplished. Laboratories (also non-Norwegian ones) can be added one by one, or you can discuss and coordinate the process with other laboratories in your country. Either way, only minor web page adjustments needs to be made for you to join, mainly translation of substance names into your language.

In Norway, we did a rather thorough approach, by first making a national overview of all laboratories doing therapeutic drug monitoring, and then making a national overview of all laboratories testing for drugs-of abuse. Although creating these overviews was rather time-consuming, the published articles were very helpful in our later fundraising process, as they illustrated the great extent of pharmacological laboratory services undertaken in Norway, and stressed the need for a digital solution to keep the analysis overview up to date. 

Finally, some numbers: We received a total of € 50 000 from the The Norwegian Medical Association to create the web page we requested. From now on, since the web page already exists, expanding to other countries will cost only a fraction of these development costs.

Regarding maintenance and ownership, The Pharmacology portal is non-profit, it is owned and financed (approximately € 2000 per year) by the Norwegian Association of Clinical Pharmacology.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss how to include your laboratory in the Pharmacology portal.

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